You Can’t Call Yourself a Driver If You Don’t Know These 10+ Tricks

Being an experienced driver doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about cars.
Things like knowing that dishwashing liquid is actually useful when cleaning windows, how socks can keep your wipers from freezing in the winter, or the simplest and easiest way to get that fogginess out of your headlights are just a few of handy tricks you’ll want to remember.

Because we love inexpensive and easy-DIY solutions, has looked into some terrific hacks to care for, safeguard, and maintain your beloved four-wheeled assistant!

14. Use the recirculation button when stuck in traffic to recirculate polluted air.

Perhaps one of the most forgotten buttons on anyone’s car dashboard, the recirculation button actually has a use, besides just hanging out there all alone.Normally, your car pulls air from the outside to heat or cool the car interior. Recirculate is a climate-control function that recycles the air inside the car instead. This is used to avoid pollutants in the outside air or to save energy. It can even be used to cool your car down quicker. It’s the button with a picture of a car with circulating arrows inside.

You Can’t Call Yourself a Driver If You Don’t Know These 10+ Tricks

It basically recirculates the air inside your car, instead of pulling it from the outside. This could be useful if you’re stuck in traffic and the air outside fills with exhaust smoke. Just press the recirculation button to shut off the airflow from the outside. You can also do this during the summer to keep the inside air cool and refreshing. Pretty neat!