You Can Turn Your Garden Into a Fairytale With 20 Flowers That Bloom at Night

Not all flowers are supposed to be enjoyed during the day. Some of them can add a special touch to your whole gardening experience after the sun goes down. These flowers, like the chocolate-scented daisy or the moonflower, show their beauty at night, and we’re afraid you may lose sleep over it.

Have a look at some of the most stunning night-blooming flowers  has found, so you can also create a spellbinding landscape on your doorstep.

1. Mock Orange

These flowers have a soft citrus scent that attracts butterflies and insects, a perfect flower for all the pollinating wildlife. In 1931 it was made the state flower of Idaho.

2. Moonflower

If you are quick enough, you can see this flower bloom right in front of your eyes. This is because it takes them only a few minutes to open at the end of the day, giving you a beautiful show.

3. Antares Night Blooming Waterlily

If you have a pond the night-blooming lily is a great plant for your garden. However they can spread out anywhere from 2 ft to12 ft, so make sure your pond is big enough before planting them.

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