Why You’re Cold All the Time and How to Stop It

Here it goes again: your colleague turns on the air conditioner to cool off, and you’re shivering from cold wishing you were at home under your favorite thick woolen blanket. We all feel cold and heat differently, but some of us feel cold all the time, and have no clue why our temperature perception is so off.

For those of you who have goose bumps right now while reading our article, here at  smartzune.com we’ve found out what the reasons are for this unusual condition and how it can be fixed.

Your thyroid gland may not function well.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is not producing enough hormone, and it may lead to cold intolerance. The thyroid hormones help to regulate metabolism and temperature, and when we lack them, we start feeling cold all the time. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism may include fatigue and a low heart rate.

How to fix it: Visit a doctor. A medical examination can help to find out whether you’ve got the necessary amount of thyroid hormones in your body.

Why You’re Cold All the Time and How to Stop It

Water boosts your metabolism, helping your body to break down food and create energy and heat. If you’re dehydrated you may lack that heat and energy that will warm up your body.

How to fix it: Make sure you’re drinking enough water. If you’re not a fan of clear water and find it tasteless, there’s a number of ways to add flavor to it: lemon, mint, basil, cucumber, and anything else you can think of.