Why Traveling All the Time Is Not As Cool As It Looks. 9 Things Travel Bloggers Don’t Like to Talk About

“You can do anything you want!” or “Leave your boring job and travel!” — this is pretty much what we often read on social media. Many people are secretly jealous of travel bloggers — the people who turned traveling into their job and who now tease us with their mind-blowing photos and videos from all over the world. But what is hiding behind these cool photos? Are their lives really all that great and as serene as they seem?

Bright Side decided to find out more about the dark side of the lives of famous travel bloggers and the things that they don’t often talk about. And at the end of the article, we will tell you about the new format of traveling that more and more people are choosing now.

1. The absence of a stable income

  • “The general rule is that you shouldn’t expect money for the first year. Most advertisers, whether they be link agencies or travel companies, won’t work with a site that is less than one year old.

Why not? You haven’t proven yourself as an investment yet. But even experienced bloggers don’t have any financial stability. Sometimes, I earn a lot of money, and sometimes I’m broke. It is important to have savings and plan your expenses wisely,” says Kate McCulley, the creator of the blog Adventurous Kate.

4. Long, exciting blogs often go unnoticed.

“Don’t get me wrong. I like writing! I guess I should say… I dislike trying to fit it into the general travel blogging mold. The travel blogosphere is inundated with posts like ‘Top 10 Things To Do In [insert city here]!’. Blogs nowadays have to serve a purpose and fill a niche. There are so many rules to follow.

 A post needs to be concise but have at least X number of words, be written in a particular format, provide value to the reader, but also entertain…. blah blah blah. The content has no soul, and no real feelings or emotions,” laments Anna, the creator of Slightly Astray.