White House Reporters Furious With Joe Biden Over Lack of Transparency, Compare Him to Trump

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Liberal reporters are furious with the President Joe Biden as they are finally realizing that the Biden administrations pledge to be “transparent” was nothing but a lie.

The Biden administration has been one of the least transparent administrations in history as they purposely limit Biden’s speaking time, limit reporters access to events and have Biden choose select reporters based off of what his note cards tell him.

A recent example of this lack of transparency came when there was an event in the 3,000-square-foot White House East Room, where “his staff selects which reporters attend, citing ‘spacing constraints’ for why they exclude most White House correspondents,” the New York Post reported.

“[R]eporters interested in attending one of the semi-regular Biden forums must RSVP electronically and then White House staff pick a small number who are allowed to attend alongside the rotating daily press pool,” said the outlet.

“This is all baloney. There is no space issue,” said veteran reporter Brian Karem, who has reported at the White House since the Reagan administration. Karem explained how he has tried to get into all eight East Room events held so far, but has been unsuccessful. “This is unprecedented territory. It has never been as restrictive.”

“This president has never made himself available to the open press in an open atmosphere, and the East Room is where those usually occur. This administration is being disingenuous in telling us that there’s limited availability and therefore we can’t get in,” Karem said.

Karem also stated that the Biden White House may be worse than Trump.

“This is no different than Donald Trump trying to keep people from getting their press pass. They’re just a little more subtle about it. This administration has created another level of access without any type of transparency as to how this is being done,” Karem said. “It’s inconsistent with the ideals of a free press. They cannot pick and choose who they want to cover them.”

During a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Presidnet Biden, CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy called Biden out to his face.

“We’re looking forward to the day we can have even more reporters all the way to the back of the room,” Portnoy told Biden.

Veteran reporter Peter Baker with the New York Times also has an issue with the Biden White House, stating that he doesn’t understand the utter lack of transparency.

“In the old days (Clinton and Bush 43 for sure, and I think Obama too), any reporter who was in the briefing room when they did the escort could go up” to East Room events. “The East Room hasn’t shrunk in recent years so it’s hard to imagine why space constraints would suddenly require restricting the number of journalists who cover events there.”

“And it raises the question of what they base these decisions on — is it first-come, first-serve, or are they picking and choosing among reporters or news organizations based on some other criteria? If it’s the latter, that would be potentially troubling.”

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