What Your Food Cravings Can Say About Your Health

Food cravings come mainly in 2 types: selective and non-selective. Non-selective (craving for food in general) can simply mean that you’re thirsty or hungry, but selective craving (craving for a specific product) is a complex psychological and chemical mechanism that your body can use to send you messages.

Today, at   smartzune.com  , we’ve compiled a list of selective cravings and what the meaning of those cravings can be, plus we’ve looked into why we hardly crave healthy food, at the end of our article.

If you crave chocolate

Craving for chocolate is often related to a lack of magnesium, which in turn can lead to anxiety and depression. Another study provided evidence that eating between 100 and 400 grams of dark chocolate daily might be a natural way of curing depression, which could explain your craving too. Unfortunately, regular chocolate bars,

What Your Food Cravings Can Say About Your Health

that are available in supermarkets and other stores, do not count as dark chocolate and contain high doses of sugar.Instead: Eat almonds or, if you want, you can stick to milk-free chocolate bars containing more than 70% cocoa. If you think you suffer from depression, make an appointment with your doctor.