What the Descendants of 20th Century Icons Look Like

We at smartzune.com have repeatedly shown what grown-up celebrity children do and what they look like. Yet this time we decided to go a little deeper and explore the descendants of iconic figures of the past century.

As it turned out, the grandchildren didn’t fail their famous grandparents at all. However, you may judge for yourself.

Rose and Tatiana Schlossberg
(granddaughters of John and Jacqueline Kennedy)

The Kennedy family has long fascinated onlookers. Stylish and influential, the political dynasty is close as it gets to royalty in the US.

But much like the British Royal family, the Kennedys have also been plagued at times by tragedy and scandal – what has been dubbed the “Kennedy Curse.”

John F. Kennedy’s only surviving child, Caroline Kennedy, married Edwin Schlossberg in 1986. Now, their three children are making their own way in the world.