We’ve Picked Incredibly Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Other Side of the Past

Homo sapiens — or modern humans — originated in Africa somewhere around 200,000 years ago. Unfortunately, most of the things we know about the early stages of human history are just theories and hypotheses. Thanks to the invention of photography, we can take a small glimpse into the past and know a little bit more about our ancestors. Some of these rare historical photos can really turn our world upside down.

Bright Side has decided to share this noteworthy collection of rare historical photographs with you.

Nothing unusual, just two construction workers having a lunch high above the city.

Pelé, the greatest soccer player in the 20th century during the filming of Victory, 1981

In the film, Victory, Pelé plays Luis Fernandez from Trinidad and Tobago. His character is a part of a team of allied prisoners of war (POWs), that are forced to play a soccer match with a team of Nazis.

This movie was inspired by the so-called Death Match in which FC Dynamo Kyiv defeated German team Flakelf while Ukraine was occupied by the Nazis in the Second World War.

We’ve Picked Incredibly Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Other Side of the Past

There are a lot of myths surrounding this story. The most popular story is that the Ukrainian team was threatened to lose the match or die.

Dynamo players didn’t pay attention to that warning and won the game. Later they were executed and became national heroes for the Soviet people.