Wedding Photographer Shared Stories From His Career. Some of Them Are Ready-Made Scripts for Comedies

The internet is full of photos with happy newlyweds in beautiful natural settings and friendly families in beautiful surroundings. But only a few people know what hides behind these perfect photos. And only when you get into the same situation, can you truly understand what it feels like.

We at  became really interested in finding out more about the difficult profession of a wedding photographer. Today, we will reveal some of the secrets by sharing real stories with you from Alexander Fayruzov’s career.

Clients that pushed it to the limit

I was “requested” by a couple for a wedding, but I immediately noticed that the whole process of organization was under the control of the bride. The guy just nodded softly during our meeting and his future wife said that for the photo shoot almost the whole day was free. We had about 6 hours for a stroll before we headed to the Marriage Registry Office. I said it was too much, 3 hours would be more than enough, but all my attempts to cut the time ended with her words “I want a lot of pictures.” At the wedding there was no video camera, so the bride said she was expecting me to take at least 2,000 pictures.Wedding day, we drive around the places we’ve been talking about. All after 3 hours.

When the guy was reluctant to pose the next time, the bride went mad, “Why are you so slow? Who did I organize this for? You don’t want to have beautiful photos? Why did we have to pay so much money to the photographer if you don’t care anyway?” All of this livened up the fiancé.On the next to last stop, the guy said he wouldn’t pose for any more photos. The bride got hysterical again.

Wedding Photographer Shared Stories From His Career. Some of Them Are Ready-Made Scripts for Comedies

But this time it wasn’t working. We had a short conversation like this: Bride: “Wouldn’t you like to take more pictures?”Brother:” No.

Bride: “Certainly you?”Fiancé:” Yeah, I’m tired. “Bride:” Then perhaps we shouldn’t go to the office of the registry? Fiancé: “Alright, let’s not go.” The man turned his back and left! There was a bride’s friend and there was also the best man. The best man chased the guy and since then we haven’t seen any of them. The bride was saying that he   probably just walked to   the registry office on   foot, but he   never showed up   for the registration. Or later for the party. No results have emerged from all the attempts to reach him by phone. The household

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