WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Rips Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids; Suggests They Also “Feed Them Dunkaroos For Breakfast”

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On Wednesday night, far-left late night host Jimmy Fallon blasted parents who refuse to give their children the experimental Covid jab.

Fallon said that parents who don’t vaccinate their children also give them “Dunkaroos” for breakfast.

Ironically, Fallon must have forgotten to mention the story in Indiana where 4 and 5 year old siblings were accidentally given the Pfizer shot instead of the flu shot. The result? The children have heart issues.

However, Fallon didn’t want to let a little thing called ‘facts’ get in the way of his argument.

“Here’s some good news last night, an FDA panel gave the green light to the Pfizer vaccine for kids between the ages of 5 and 11,” Fallon said, drawing thunderous applause from his audience.

“Yup, this is great in a few weeks, you’re gonna see bouncers outside Chuck E. Cheese checking vaccine cards,” Fallon joked, failing to mention that this may very well happen in the coming months.

“Some parents said that they aren’t sure if they’re comfortable giving their kids the vaccine, then they went back to feeding them dunkaroos for breakfast,” Fallon said, slandering the parents.

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