WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Scorches The Media Over Biden; “They Elected This Guy! Now They Act Like It Wasn’t Their Fault”

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On Monday, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld went off on the left-wing media for their latest attempt to distance themselves from the absolute failure that is the Biden administration.

As we all know, the media went to bat for Biden throughout the entire 2020 campaign. Now that our country is in worse shape than ever before, they’re trying to act like they had nothing to do with it.

In response, Gutfeld torched them.

“All right, time for a new nickname: No Control Joe. Not his bladder, his job. He’s lost control of it, maybe he never had a control to begin with,” Gutfeld began.

“And so, that’s why the media is freaking out, they’re back to being parents at a Little League game shouting at their uncoordinated brat to swing at the ball. That’s Joe. As for beating Sanders, he beat Sanders, but then he cannibalized him, right? That’s what he did with — he just became as lefty as Sanders. The media is playing a weird game. They elected this guy, this is what they wanted. Now they act like it wasn’t their fault. So, you guys put the kid gloves on, you buried the Hunter Biden story like cat poop in a litter box. I hate to get graphic there,” he added.

Watch below:

“Thought we weren’t going to do that anymore,” Jesse Watters joked.

“I know, I know. One poop a day joke. But that’s it. That’s it. They enabled this guy and they pretend like they didn’t get what they wanted. No, they got an empty vessel. They just want to fill that vessel and push it forward. That was my red meat answer,” Gutfeld replied.

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