WATCH: Fox News Reporter Says Border Agents Are Desperate For A Wall; “$100 Million Worth Of Materials Sitting Here Going To Waste”

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Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been doing exceptional work at the border for months, and now he is sounding the alarm on the need for a wall at the southern border.

Not only is there a desperate need, but Melugin shows footage of $100 million worth of border wall materials that are just going to waste.

“We’ve known for quite some time that the Biden Administration wasn’t planning to finish this border wall project, but now we want to show you what it physically looks like to not build the border wall,” Melugin began in his new video report.

“Take a look at this remarkable video our drone team shot yesterday. We were tipped off to this location. What you are looking at is one location where a bunch of the steel that was supposed to go towards the border wall has just been sitting out in the open baking in the sun and rusting ever since January,” he said.

Melugin then went to describe the vast amount of wall-building materials that are being wasted because Biden refuses to build what he considers a “racist” wall.

I’m told there are about 10,000 of these wall panels just sitting here — this is in Pharr, Texas — each panel worth about $5,000. You can do the math, upwards of $50 million just sitting there going to absolute waste. Keep in mind taxpayers have already paid for this. It’s bought and paid for and nothing is happening with it. This is one of two locations. There is a second location right down the street from there where there is even more panels, over $100 million worth of these panels just sitting there. I’m told by a federal source they bought enough steel for more than 100 miles of wall down here, only about 14 was built before President Biden halted all construction. Take a look at the second piece of video our drone team shot where we’re standing, here in La Joya, Texas. This was on Saturday,” Melugin added.

Watch the full report below:

“You can see more steel just sitting out here in the sun, going unused. This was ready to go into the ground. They started building the wall out here in La Joya where they really need it. We see runners coming through here all the time”

“We’ve shown you guys video from La Joya for the past six months now, and you’ve seen how many people come through this area. Border agents tell us they really need the wall here and they’re incredibly frustrated they’re not going to get it because they can’t be everywhere at once and the wall would be a force multiplier for them to help create choke points,” he concludes.

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