Touching Stories About Love That Could Melt Even The Coldest of Hearts

Sometimes it seems like people today have become so hardened that they’re no longer capable of expressing true feelings. But in reality, love is everywhere around us — all you need to do is look around! For example, you may see an elderly couple supporting each other on the bus in order not to fall down, or a loving woman meeting her upset husband after work. Touching stories like these and many others are featured in this heartwarming article. has collected 9 of the most touching stories from Overheard and Chamber #6. After reading them, there is a good chance your mood will be lifted causing you to hug your loved ones or call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  • “I set a password on my laptop because I didn’t want my husband to play tanks on it, making my computer vulnerable to viruses. I told my husband that I’d let him use it if he could guess the password in 3 tries. He guessed it on the first try with, ’Iloveyou’ ”.
  • “My granddad was taken to the hospital due to a micro stroke 3 days before his 47th anniversary with my granny. But he managed to surprise her even while being in the hospital: He wrote her a poem and went outside to buy flowers despite his doctor’s orders. When my granny came to visit him and saw him with flowers, tears started to shed from her eyes.”
  • “Once my girlfriend told me that she used to have a book of fairytales in her childhood and that her mom used to read her. The book was from the ’50s and quite old, but my girlfriend loved it. She even found its photos on the internet and showed them to me. She left her book in another country when she was moving away. Touching Stories About Love That Could Melt Even The Coldest of Hearts
    • I found out where I could buy the book and gifted it to her. It was the first time in my life that I saw a person cry out of happiness. Turns out I found the very book she had during her childhood — it even had her mom’s signature inside.”“I came home shaking in anger. Seeing my condition, my husband filled a bathtub full of hot water with scented foam, put me there, gave me a couple of toy ducks and asked what had happened.I arranged a fight between these ducks while at the same time complaining about life; all while he was putting pieces of chocolate into my mouth between pauses to take a breath.”