Top 11 tips and tricks to appear Taller | Longer Body

With the Instagram boom, everybody has become a celebrity. Every single person wants lots of followers and wishes to look perfect, just like a model-Tall, slim and sexy. But not everyone is blessed with a good height. In India especially, women are usually having an average height of 5’4”.But don’t worry, with some clever tips and tricks you can add on some extra “inches” to your height and appear taller than you are. Here are 11 tips which would make you look taller–

1.Wear Nude shoes


Wearing nude colored shoes, make you appear taller because they match up with your leg’s color and create an illusion of a taller body.

2.Wear crop tops with high waisted trousers and skirts


Crop tops combined with a high waisted skirt, trouser, Jeans or Palazzo help create an illusion that the middle part of your body is longer. Hence you appear taller and slimmer.