Top 10 Reasons Behind Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Are you facing the problem of an irregular menstrual cycle? You might be contemplating the reason behind it. Dear ladies don’t panic, take a deep breath. Don’t worry because it is not a serious issue as there are several treatment options are available. First of all, you have knowledge about the reasons behind your irregular periods. This problem is not only in unmarried women’s but in married women as well. Keep in mind that normal menstrual cycle is 28 to 35 days long. In short, a menstrual cycle is considered normal if it happens every 28 to 35 days. As it’s not a major problem but it’s not mean that you never pay attention to this matter. There are many things that involved in making irregular menstrual cycle. Here we discuss all those reasons in detail.

3. Stress

Irregular Menstrual Cycle
Life is a name of ups and downs, a lot of panic moments, comes in everyone’s  life and they just break us and we feel loneliness. So just fights with all your worries and prove that you are very strong. Nowadays almost everyone seems in stress especially women. You can never even imagine how unhealthy it is. Stressful life not only makes you hopeless but also harm your health and result in many diseases. It can affect the life in a variety of ways. Stress can cause many physical effects like headaches, upset tummies, chest pain and insomnia. In women, it is the basic reason behind irregular menstrual cycle. The monthly menstrual cycle is regulated by a special set of hormones, “Cortisol” which is a stress hormone has a direct effect on the production of two sex hormones, estrogens, and progesterone. The high amount of Cortisol in bloodstream affect the time of menstrual cycle and flow of blood. As it’s not so easy to remove everyday stress from life, but we have to handle it in a better positive way, which in turn should help periods return in a regular cycle.

4. Overweight

Overweight causes Irregular Menstrual Cycle
Overweight is a key of numerous diseases, so take so much care about a healthy weight. Being overweight directly disturb menstrual cycles. You know women’s ovaries produce estrogen, but body fat also a source of estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that, among other things, it helps to create the uterine lining that will provide support a fertilized egg or, in the case that there isn’t a fertilized egg. When you’re in overweight position, your body creates extra estrogen, which can cause you to stop ovulating.When a woman has low body fat she doesn’t produce enough estrogen, but with overweight, she may produce too much estrogen. Estrogen and progesterone work combined to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. When you gain weight, your ovaries start producing additional testosterone, all this results in an irregular menstrual cycle.

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