Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn’t Destroy the Ship

We all know from books and movies that the Titanic sank because of an iceberg but there is some fresh evidence that says there were explosions and fires and that those are what made the ship sink! This changes history. Let’s check some facts that can shed some light on these new circumstances.

We at smartzune.com did our own investigation and checked the evidence that could prove that the Titanic sank because of explosions.

Survivor Vaghinak Byurat never mentioned an iceberg.

Vaghinak Byurat was one of the brightest representatives of the very educated people of Constantinople at that time and was planning a business trip to America, where he had to take a large batch of books.

Vaghinak Byurat was one of the brightest representatives of the very educated people of Constantinople at that time and was planning a business trip to America, where he had to take a large batch of books. This is why he bought his tickets for the Titanic.