This Swedish Woman Creates Stunning Braided Hairstyles And Teaches You How To Do It Yourself

We invite you to look through the gallery of our favorite @inspobyelvirall’s braided hairstyles! By the way— had a chance to ask Elvira some interesting questions, so make sure to scroll down for a full interview.



“I braided a lot when I was in school as a hobby but I didn’t start my Instagram until 2014 and that’s when I really got into doing different types of braids and hairstyles! I had a blog at the time and posted a lot of different content on Instagram but once I started to post my hairstyles on my Instagram I started to get a lot of recognition and I really fell in love with the creativity of doing different braids and hairstyles!” says the artist.



“I love the creativity of it, that you can create so many different styles just by doing different types of braids! It started out just as a hobby but has grown to be a part time job! I’m a full time student right now so I’m very lucky that I can call my biggest hobby my part time job!” Elvira told Bored Panda.



When asked if there’s anything Elvira doesn’t like about the braiding process, she told us this: “To be honest, braiding long hair kills my arms sometimes, haha! But other than that there isn’t really anything that I don’t like about the braiding process!”