This Kid Opened Up A Thrift Store For Low-Income Families Where Everything’s

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Meet Obocho, an 11YO boy from New York City who runs his own thrift store that helps low-income families

Meet Obocho Peters, an 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York. He is the CEO and President of Obocho’s Closet, a thrift store that sells baby and children’s clothing and footwear at an affordable price for low-income families. Oh, wait, there’s more. On top of making clothing more affordable, Obocho’s business venture also aims to help low-income families learn how to save money by providing free financial literacy seminars. This would empower them to prepare for their children’s college or the pursuit of other life goals.  got in touch with Obocho and his mother Sasha for an interview.

Image credits: GoFundMe

Obocho’s Closet is a children’s thrift store that was launched on April 27, 2018 because I wanted 8 toys from the movie Avengers Infinity War, but my mom couldn’t afford it after paying all the bills,” explained Obocho. “For my 11th birthday, I opened my first physical location in the community at 495 Flatbush Ave. so that families can come and shop, and I can meet and greet my community.”

He continued: “The store sells clothes and shoes for children sizes 0-20 with a goal to help families save the extra money for their children’s college funds. The majority of the store is no more than $10. To support my community, I told my mom that I wanted to create a give-back that the community needs. So, a portion of the money from the thrift store goes towards free financial literacy seminars and workshops to teach families about credit development, budgeting and other creative ways to save money for those college funds or become an entrepreneur like me.”