This is what typical homes from around the world really look like

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We often see gorgeous homes and interiors in the movies or in glossy magazines and admire the design that went into these architectural masterpieces. Thanks to the mass media, we have a general idea of what the dwellings of people in different corners of the world look like. But rarely do we realize that what we see on the screen can differ greatly from the reality.

We here at Bright Side have done a little research and found out how people in different countries equip their dwellings.


Tokyo is one of the most expensive and densely populated cities in the world. That is why only wealthy people can afford to have spacious dwellings, while the vast majority of Japanese people live in tiny apartments.

The only room in the apartment is used as a bedroom, living room, and dining room. In the corner, you can see a refrigerator, and the only way to get to the balcony is to climb over the bed. However, the room is bright and well-lit, and this visually expands the living space.