This Account Posts Quotes By Children And Here’s 30 Of The Best Ones

Sarit and Assaf Katz, a married couple from Israel, are well aware that kids can drop the funniest wisdom bombs. They have three girls (Scarlet, 13, Roni, 11, and Maya, 7), so as their children were growing up, Sarit and Assaf were constantly hearing their insightful comments. In fact, the couple was so fascinated with them, they decided to tell the whole world about it.

Hence, they created an online project called ‘Kids r the best screenwriters’ to share their kids’ priceless quotes on social media. Their following grew with every upload and eventually their fans started sending Sarit and Assaf unforgettable phrases from their own kids. Some of them were so good, they just had to be featured, elevating ‘Kids r the best screenwriters’ from a family blog to a worldwide archive.

“It all started when our eldest girl was about 2 years old,” the couple told . “We noticed that Scarlet was very verbal, so Assaf started documenting her first cute sentences in a notebook. Then Roni joined our family and we continued writing down their funny, smart, and naive quotes for our family memory.”

Every now and then, Assaf would share their daughters’ insights on his personal Facebook profile as well. Relatives and friends of the family loved these posts, so the couple decided to open a Facebook page in order to “show off” all the cool things their girls were saying. However, all of this was in Hebrew. “We didn’t think that there were so many parents who also wanted to share their kids’ sayings.”

This was in early 2013. Now Sarit and Assaf get so many submissions, they post two quotes every day. “We are still working on this project because we discovered that it spreads a lot of joy, making people smile, laugh, think, and sometimes even cry,” they said. “Today, our Israeli page has 350K followers on Facebook and Instagram.”

“Being deep in the COVID-19 crisis, our planet has become even smaller. Since we’ve all been in this tough situation together, we decided to spread all of the nice things that come from our project with the rest of the world and created its English version,” Sarit and Assaf explained. “The first few quotes were translated from our local page but just hours after the launch, we started receiving kids’ quotes from parents all over the world.”

As the name of the project implies, Sarit and Assaf truly believe that kids are the best screenwriters. “The most authentic ideas, dialogs and insights can only be delivered by kids –- their special, naive point of view, clean from any assumptions,” the couple added. “We want to inspire parents all over the world to listen more carefully to their kids and document their thoughts because one day, the kids would appreciate it.”

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