These 6 Behaviors Are the Biggest Predictors of Breakups

Most romantic relationships lose their bright colors over time and can turn into routine. And, if you do not work on it together, there is a good chance of a breakup.  has collected 6 characteristic signs, which can hint that your partner is unhappy. (Or maybe you’ll recognize yourself as the unhappy one!)

Indifference toward your life and problems

What, exactly, is apathy? In a sense, it’s something like falling in love. You can describe it all you want, but until you’ve experienced it, you can only guess at what it feels like. Paradoxically, what makes the feeling of apathy unique is that it’s essentially the feeling of not feeling. It’s something that at some point in your existence you’ve encountered. Whenever you feel that something vital is missing from your life, yet lack the  drive to pursue it, you’re afflicted with this curiously “emotionless” emotion.

These 6 Behaviors Are the Biggest Predictors of Breakups

Sometimes you just want to talk to your loved one, tell them about your day and experiences, maybe even complain, but still be accepted as you are. When you are not supported at all, aren’t listened to, and aren’t a priority…it’s alarming.Through much psychological research, it’s now accepted science that you must experience feelings about something if you’re to take personally meaningful action on it.