The Red Wave Came: Republicans Won Big Throughout the Country; Here’s a Tally Of The Biggest, Most Impactful Victories

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Election Tuesday in the U.S. brought a red wave to blue enclaves around the country and handed Democrats new reasons to fret over their electoral chances in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest races of the evening.


“Republicans are expected to dominate Virginia’s elections on Tuesday, projected to win the state’s races for governor, attorney general, and lieutenant governor. They also were ahead by a substantial margin in the number of seats won in the House of Delegates, 36-34, although that is subject to change,” The Daily Wire reported.

“Dave Wasserman of the non-partisan Cook Political Report and Decision Desk HQ called the Virginia Lieutenant Gubernatorial Election for Republican Winsome Sears, a black woman. Wasserman and Decision Desk HQ also called the Virginia Attorney General Election for Republican Jason Miyares,” the outlet added.

And as USA Features News reported earlier, GOP contender Glenn Youngkin defeated longtime Democratic political operative and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, as the Old Dominion State swings back purple from deeper blue (and trending red).

“Youngkin led by just over two points when the Associated Press called the race early Wednesday, buoyed by record turnout in rural areas and an energized Republican base. He trailed McAuliffe in nearly every poll up until the final days of the race, when late momentum gave him the slimmest of leads in a state that President Joe Biden won by over 10 points just a year ago,” the Daily Caller noted.

New York

Per the New York Post:

A red tide swept over Long Island, with the Republican candidates for district attorney in both Nassau and Suffolk counties winning their races in stunning landslides Tuesday — turning the campaigns into a referendum on New York’s controversial bail reform law.

In Nassau, career local prosecutor Anne Donnelly upset Democratic state Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a former federal prosecutor, who voted for the 2019 law that eliminated cash bail for defendants accused of many misdemeanor and “non-violent” felony crimes. …

Meanwhile, in Suffolk, Republican Ray Tierney trounced Democratic incumbent District Attorney Tim Sini with 145,933 votes or 57 percent to 109,060 votes or 43 percent. Bail reform was also a burning issue in that race.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., also noted in a statement other statewide races won by Republicans:

Republican Danielle Fogel defeated former Far-Left Congressman Anthony Brindisi in a landslide in the race for New York Supreme Court in the Fifth Judicial District.
Republican Scott Ostrander overwhelmingly FLIPPED the town of Milton.
Andrew Moses FLIPPED the St. Lawrence County Family Court Judge seat in a LANDSLIDE.
Elise Stefanik endorsed Republican Mark Wright won the town of Ticonderoga.
Republican Ronnie Roberts FLIPPED the town of Colton.
Republican Norman Davis FLIPPED the town of Beekmantown with 60% of the vote.
All of Elise Stefanik’s endorsed candidates won in Jefferson County.

“Congratulations to Republicans across New York and the North Country on their exciting and impressive victories tonight. Here in the North Country, Republicans won by record margins and flipped multiple Democrat-held seats,” she said.

“This was a clear referendum on the disastrous ten months of Joe Biden’s administration and a Republican resurgence fueled by outrage after years of corrupt, Albany politicians destroying our state,” she continued.

“The strength of our grassroots support has never been stronger. The work to save New York started tonight with Republican victories up and down the ballot, and it will continue in 2022 when we retire Nancy Pelosi and finally take back the Governor’s mansion,” Stefanik added.


“On Tuesday night, in what might be a harbinger of things to come, the GOP turned a state House district that is roughly 75% Hispanic from blue to red, as GOP House candidate John Lujan won the seat in Texas’ 118th House of Representatives district,” The Daily Wire reported.

The Texas Tribune added:

The victory by Lujan gives Republicans an early win in their drive to make new inroads in South Texas after President Joe Biden underperformed there last year. With all vote centers reporting Tuesday night, Lujan was leading Democrat Frank Ramirez 51.2% to 48.8%, according to unofficial results. Lujan briefly held the seat in 2016, while Ramirez is a former staffer for the San Antonio City Council and at the Texas Legislature.


A heavily watched local school board race in a Denver suburb also saw a red wave of conservative candidates sweep four of the seven seats.

“Voters in the Douglas County School District (DCSD) were electing four school board directors on Nov. 2. The seven members of the Board of Education are elected to staggered, four-year terms. With four director spots up for election, more than half of the board could be replaced on election night.,” 9News reported Wednesday.

“A conservative group calling themselves “Kids First” had a goal to make sure the leaders of Douglas County School District prioritize kids first in all decision-making. Candidates in that group include Becky Myers, Kaylee Winegar, Christy Williams and Mike Peterson,” the outlet continued.

The newcomers defeated two incumbents and two other first-time school board candidates, all supported by left-wing teachers unions and organizations, the outlet noted.

“This is my first time actually really thinking about, that I may have voted for a school board election,” Leslie Jacot-Guillarmod told the local outlet outside the Highlands Ranch polling location. “I’ve always done like presidential and primaries and things like that.”

Pat Edwards, a grandmother of a kid in Douglas County schools, agrees.

“I think we’re raising some young people that have no respect and no love for our country, as we once did,” she said. “So I want to bring back the founding principles of honesty and morality and goodness and fairness.”

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