“The Fire Is There;” Jason Miller Hints That Another Trump Run Is Happening

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Jason Miller, the top adviser to former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, gave one of the strongest indications yet on Thursday that his former boss may be up for a 2024 presidential bid, which would no doubt anger the GOP establishment and make Democrats sweat.

While the next presidential election “is a long way off,” Miller nevertheless said that “the fire is there” when it comes to the former president’s political desires.

“In speaking with the president every day…I think if the election was next week, he’d be ready to go and jump back into it,” Miller told Newsmax TV.

“Of course, no formal decision has been made yet, but you can tell he is very much looking at this first month [of the Biden administration] and he’s very concerned,” Miller continued, alluding to the former president’s expected angst over watching Biden dismantle via executive order many of Trump’s most successful policies.

“He’s concerned with what’s happening with amnesty for 11 million illegals, stopping construction on the border wall, you see the absolute disaster of the Biden vaccine rollout and distribution,” Miller continued.

“Whatever Biden was doing in his basement in all those months sure wasn’t getting ready for the job,” added Miller.

One of the most sought-after questions the former president’s legions of supporters have been wanting him to answer is: What’s next?

In a previous interview with the Washington Examiner, Miller said that while Trump’s plans have not solidified yet, he certainly wants to get back into the political arena.

“He may even hold rallies in California over the next couple of months,” Miller said, a reference to a growing recall effort against embattled Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was busted last fall attending a high-end party at a swanky restaurant in violation of his pandemic-related indoor dining ban.

Trump’s popularity certainly remains very strong among GOP faithful.

In fact, by far, most Republicans hold Trump in higher reverence than “The Gipper,” as well as the party’s first president who just happened to have freed the slaves.

The Epoch Times reports:

In a new Economist/YouGov survey, 36 percent of Republicans called Trump the best, while 18 percent called Reagan the same, 13 percent called President Abraham Lincoln the best, and 11 percent said the same for President George Washington.

Republicans chose Reagan over Trump 36 percent to 10 percent in 2018, according to the poll.

“The change in GOP rankings since 2018, when the last survey was conducted, is striking. In 2018, Republicans ranked Reagan first (36 percent), followed by Trump (10 percent). Now, the positions are reversed, with the percentage of Republicans who name Trump as the best President ever having tripled to 36 percent, twice the number who still choose Ronald Reagan (18 percent),” the survey said.

A previous survey from Politico/Morning Consult released this week found that “53 percent of Republican voters said they would cast another ballot for the former president if the 2024 primary was held today — more than the entire rest of the field combined.”

And a CBS News poll released Feb. 11 found that 70 percent of Republicans would think long and hard about joining a third party if Trump founded one.

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