The Best Colleges for Cheap Accommodation in the United States

College life is an exciting and transformative journey for many students. However, the soaring costs of higher education can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to accommodation expenses. To alleviate this financial burden, many colleges across the United States have been striving to offer affordable housing options for their students. In this article, we will explore some of the best colleges known for providing cheap accommodation options, making the dream of higher education more accessible to students from all walks of life.

1. University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)

The University of Florida is renowned for its exceptional academic programs and vibrant campus life. One of the standout features of this institution is its commitment to affordable housing options. The university offers various housing choices at competitive rates, including dormitories, apartment-style residences, and even graduate student accommodations. Additionally, the institution provides financial aid and scholarships, making the cost of living on campus even more affordable.

2. Berea College (Berea, Kentucky)

Berea College stands out for its unique approach to education, as it covers the cost of tuition for all admitted students. Alongside this remarkable commitment, the college also offers affordable on-campus housing. The college ensures that students’ accommodation expenses remain low by providing various housing options and working with students to create a budget-friendly living experience.

3. CUNY Hunter College (New York, New York)

Situated in the heart of New York City, CUNY Hunter College is known for its excellent academic programs and diverse student body. Despite being located in one of the nation’s most expensive cities, Hunter College remains committed to affordable housing solutions for its students. The college offers on-campus housing with various meal plans to choose from, ensuring that students can select the option that best fits their budget.

4. Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas)

Texas A&M University boasts a strong sense of community and a wide range of academic opportunities. To support their students, the university provides affordable on-campus housing options, complete with various amenities. The university’s commitment to cost-effective housing solutions allows students to focus on their studies and fully engage in campus life without being burdened by exorbitant accommodation costs.

5. Utah State University (Logan, Utah)

Utah State University is renowned for its friendly and welcoming environment. The institution provides students with a variety of low-cost housing options, including residence halls and apartment-style living. The cost of living on campus at Utah State University is consistently lower than average, enabling students to make the most of their college experience without worrying about accommodation expenses.

6. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, Wisconsin)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a top-tier public university known for its academic excellence and research opportunities. The university strives to offer affordable housing solutions for its diverse student population. On-campus housing options range from traditional dormitories to shared apartments, ensuring there is an option for every budget.

7. Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

Arizona State University has earned a reputation for its innovative approach to education and student support. The university offers affordable housing options, with multiple locations and various amenities to choose from. Additionally, ASU’s financial aid packages make it easier for students to afford on-campus accommodation, creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment.

8. University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

The University of Georgia is known for its rich history and vibrant campus life. The university provides students with cost-effective housing options both on and off-campus. Students can select from various residence halls and apartment complexes, tailoring their housing choice to fit their budgetary needs.

9. Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)

Purdue University offers an exceptional education in engineering, technology, and various other fields. To ensure that its students can focus on their studies, the university provides affordable on-campus housing options. These options include traditional dormitories, suite-style residence halls, and apartment complexes, making it possible for students to find accommodation that suits their financial situation.

10. University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida)

The University of Central Florida is known for its size and diverse academic programs. Despite its large student population, UCF remains dedicated to providing affordable accommodation options. The university offers various on-campus housing styles, each catering to different budgets, ensuring that students can find a comfortable and affordable place to call home while pursuing their degrees.


When it comes to higher education, finding affordable accommodation is an essential factor in ensuring that students have a successful and fulfilling college experience. The colleges mentioned in this article stand out for their commitment to providing cost-effective housing options, making the dream of attending college more attainable for students from all backgrounds. By focusing on reducing accommodation expenses, these institutions are supporting their students and fostering an inclusive and diverse campus community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

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