Thanksgiving Madness! Leftists Tell Audiences To Charge Guests, Demand COVID Test Before Entering Home

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Wow, can you say thanks but no thanks, this Thanksgiving?

Far-left activists, posing as television journalists, are making fools of themselves on Thanksgiving Eve. In their struggle to not be turkey scrooges, they are giving terrible advice about how to handle COVID issues and how to cover the extra costs from the inflation caused by Biden’s policies.

How To Handle COVID-19

Starting with CBS, a Psychologist, Lisa Tamour, actually shared how Thanksgiving hosts could make the tricky COVID situation “fun” on “CBS Mornings.”

She actually suggested in a Thanksgiving segment Wednesday that Americans should consider having appetizers in the garage until all guests get their rapid COVID-19 test results back.

“If the situation feels weird, maybe make it kind of fun,” Tamour said. “And say we’re going to start with hors d’oeuvres in the garage, you know we’ll have drinks, we’ll do our rapid tests and then come on in, right?”

“You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you’re not worried about safety,” she added.

So what if Grandpa’s test, who got the COVID shots, comes back positive as a breakthrough case? Does he eat alone in the garage or get sent home?

Combatting Inflation

Now over to the Peacock channel.

With the huge bump in meal costs this year, NBC’s Vicky Nguyen was on to give viewers tips on how to save money this Thanksgiving.

Nguyen actually told her audience that they can save money by ditching Turkey (the staple of a Thanksgiving meal) and by charging guests.

“Maybe you do an Italian feast instead, and I will say this, if you tell everyone you’re having Thanksgiving without turkey, some guests may drop off the list and that’s a way to cut costs too,” she said.

What else should we expect from liberals who reject God, our traditions, and our nation?

All I can say is Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from my family and me.

P.S. My advice – Skip the COVID tests, keep the turkey, and don’t charge your guests.

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