Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job (30 Pics)

There’s a subreddit called r/techsupportgore, and its name perfectly describes its content: people who fix computers upload photos of the nightmarish scenarios they find themselves in. From melted extension cords to server rooms that look like a jungle, some of these hardware disasters are so bad, you can’t help but feel for the folks who have to fix them. So continue scrolling, check out the pics, and don’t be surprised if you cringe to the brink of passing out after only a few of them.


Ticket Said “Camera Flickers To Fuzzy Brown Image Often”

Ticket Said "Camera Flickers To Fuzzy Brown Image Often"


One of the moderators of the subreddit, Coffeechipmunk, said the most popular posts there are those that depict situations just moments away from exploding. “[It’s] very dangerous, but very cool looking. They probably get so big because people post the pics and you think, ‘Wow, that’s just a bomb at that point,'” they told

The subreddit was created on the 29th of February, 2012, and since then it has grown into a 427K member-strong community. They aren’t interested in trivial things like cracked screens or anything — just the filthiest, nastiest gore there is. And it doesn’t seem that it’s drying out, too. Just think of all the people who acquire a new gadget or an appliance and are so eager to use it, they skip the operation manual (myself included).


“The Printer Isn’t Working”

“The Printer Isn’t Working”


“A lot of the content on the subreddit does rather well, except for people coming for actual tech support, they get redirected to the right subreddit. For actual tech support gore, though, it seems like broken screens and slightly messy wires are the current posts that don’t hit too hard,” Coffeechipmunk explained.

They think the reason why r/techsupportgore got so popular is quite a simple one: “Honestly… it’s very fun,” Coffeechipmunk said. “In a time where most of the internet can be incredibly serious and most times saddening or angering, r/techsupportgore is fun because you go on it and you can laugh (and/or cringe) at the crazy posts. Where else can you see a post like, “Wow, these cables really are messy” to, “A lizard fried my motherboard” back to back? I love our growing community. They’re a bunch of people that just enjoy tech and to some extent, the worst of it.”


End User Had A Heater Next To The PC Which Was Randomly Shutting Off And She Thought She Had Smelled Burning A Couple Of Times. It Is Literally Screaming

End User Had A Heater Next To The PC Which Was Randomly Shutting Off And She Thought She Had Smelled Burning A Couple Of Times. It Is Literally Screaming


If you are, however, afraid that you’re gonna end up on this subreddit, there are things you can do to prevent it. There’s plenty of information on the internet that you can utilize to become more tech savvy. There are forums, websites, and YouTube channels dedicated to specific fields where you can find comprehensive information on how to reset your iPhone and how to fix a malfunctioning laptop. Heck, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even learn how to code.

When it comes to technology, the information is out there and it’s available. You don’t have to study computer science to know this stuff. Like a blacksmith who has an exact feel for how he needs to beat a piece of metal in order to mold it, knowledge and regular use of it will make you better at technology.

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