Student Returns To Her Home After Quarantine, Finds Potatoes Taking Over Her Kitchen, People Post Similar Pics

If there’s a way, nature finds it. So when Donna Porée (@donna9p) locked up her apartment to quarantine with her husband, the sack of potatoes she left behind refused to give up and just rot. No, no… The potatoes had searched for sources of life throughout the whole 3 months of Donna’s absence.

When the woman came back home, she couldn’t believe the progress the vegetables have made. “It’s very surprising but the potatoes have punctured through the joints of my kitchen,” Donna told   .While cleaning up, Donna decided against eating the potatoes or throwing them away. After all, their tremendous will to live demanded something a little more respectful. “I carefully removed them from my apartment and replanted them in a vegetable patch outside,”

Image credits: donna9p

 Donna explained.In the process of doing so, there was one more thing that needed to be taken care of. “When I was relocating the potatoes, I couldn’t help myself and measured their sprouts. To my amazement, some were almost 1 meter (3.3 feet) long!”After seeing Donna’s pics, people started sharing their own photos of accidental potato sprouts.


And Now We Know Where Pringles Come From

And Now We Know Where Pringles Come From


Sprouted potatoes contain higher levels of glycoalkaloids, which can be toxic to humans when eaten in big amounts. Even though discarding the sprouts, eyes, green skin, and bruised parts of a potato, as well as frying it, may help reduce glycoalkaloid levels, more research is needed to know for sure whether or not we can safely eat sprouted potatoes. Until then, the safest thing to do is to discard them and get new ones.


Potatoes Were Hiding In My Pantry. They Look Like Some Sort Of Sea Creature

Potatoes Were Hiding In My Pantry. They Look Like Some Sort Of Sea Creature


One of the best ways to reduce sprouting in potatoes is to buy them in moderation. Try to avoid stockpiling these vegetables and only buy them when you have plans to use them.Also, if you spot any damaged potatoes, it’s probably best that you get rid of them and make sure that the remaining ones are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.Some funny reports suggest that we should avoid keeping potatoes with onions as putting the two together may accelerate sprouting. However, that’s just folklore; there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

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