Someone Imagines What Everything Would Look Like If It Had A Cat’s Face And The Result Is Funny Yet Disturbing (30 New Pics) Interview With Artist

The creator of the Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere) Instagram page sees cats, well, everywhere. 29-year-old Galina Bugaevskaya from Moscow photoshops cat faces on various animals and things. It’s cute. It’s weird. It’s hilarious.

Galina told us that the digital art idea to merge cats with everything else came to her a year and a bit ago. From 2k fans in October, since our previous article, Koty Vezde has grown in leaps and bounds and now boasts over 50.4k followers.

Scroll down and upvote your favorite photo manipulations. Be sure to leave us a comment and scroll down for Bored Panda’s full interview with the artist behind these funny photos. Be sure to check out our earlier article about Koty Vezde right here.

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