Signs of an Eating Disorder That Shouldn’t Be Mistaken for Healthy Habits

Mass culture dictates diet and healthy lifestyle rules and every day online, fitness bloggers with perfect bodies tell us to work out every day and eat arugula salads for dinner. However, they rarely talk about the consequences and side effects of this lifestyle.

In the U.S., 30 million people have developed eating disorders from dieting and trying to become attractive and fit. This article pertains to both men and women of different ages with different body types – many of them don’t even know that they’re in a risk group!   has collected several warning signs that indicate it’s time to reconsider your diet before a more dangerous disorder develops.

10. You spend a lot of time examining your body’s flaws.

Signs of an Eating Disorder That Shouldn’t Be Mistaken for Healthy Habits

One of the most popular rituals that girls have is standing in front of the mirror while looking at their bellies and hips. There is nothing wrong with this unless it’s happening 15 times a day.People who have an eating disorder are so fixated on their bodies that they feel like they have to check their belly after every meal. They do this in order to reduce their level of anxiety.

9. You panic when you skip a workout.

Signs of an Eating Disorder That Shouldn’t Be Mistaken for Healthy Habits

Being physically active is a great way to lose extra weight and improve your mood, but just like everything else, you shouldn’t have too many workouts.If you have a family, a job, friends, hobbies or children, then everyday workouts can make you exhausted and antisocial. When skipping a workout makes you feel discomfort or panic and you feel the need to burn calories right after a meal, this may indicate an eating disorder.