Red Chinese Carrier Group Is Drilling in the Pacific

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China’s upping its aggression and preparations for war, now going from high-profile and escalatory but otherwise useless missions like sending flights of jets and bombers to Taiwan to missions that signal a commitment to waging sophisticated warfare.

Most recently, that preparation for war took the form of naval drills in the Pacific, where a six-ship carrier group including the Liaoning reportedly began operating recently.

That’s according to USNI News, which added that:

The PLAN carrier group featuring Liaoning, destroyer Nanchang (101), a Luyang III-class destroyer, frigate Rizhao (598) and another Type 54A Jiangkai II frigate, along with a Type 901 replenishment ship, was in the vicinity of the waters off the uninhabited Oki Daito Island, 315 kilometers, or about 196 miles, southeast of Okinawa on Dec. 20, the Joint Staff Office of the Japan Self-Defense Force said in a Tuesday news release.

The carrier was conducting flight operations with J-15 fighter aircraft along with Z-9 and Z-18 helicopters from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. that day. The JSO issued an earlier release on the same day that noted the activity of the PLAN carrier group on Dec. 19, saying it was in the vicinity of Kita Daito Island, 300 kilometers, or about 186 miles, east of Okinawa and conducting flight operations from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

It is not reported that the carrier group has any mission other than training, but it’s location far from China’s shores does indicate China is managing to transition from a “brown water” (coastal) naval power to a “blue water” naval power.

Despite the woke takeover of the armed forces, America has remained committed to the region, sending ships including the USS Carl Vinson to practice maneuvers and deter Chinese aggression.

It’s unclear how effective that deterrence will be, however, as America’s military has decayed due to a focus on woke priorities while the Red Chinese have remained committed to developing their military strength and imbuing their populace with the spirit necessary for warfighting.

Still, it’s possible that shows of committment, such as the USS Carl Vinson operating alongside our Australian allies, will prove effective in keeping the Red Chinese from waging naval war upon us and invading Taiwan.

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