Racist MSNBC Host Says White GOP Wants to ‘Starve’ and ‘Torture’ Black People, End Democracy

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Racism is apparently tolerated if you’re a liberal making bigoted comments about white people and/or conservatives.

During a segment Thursday night on MSNBC, host Joy Reid told viewers that white Republicans want to physically “torture” and “starve” African-Americans to prevent them from voting, and change their votes to GOP if they do.

The most incendiary claims came when Reid was discussing Georgia’s newly-minted election integrity law when Reid was speaking with Black Voters Matter’s Latosha Brown.

Reid Republicans and white people want to “torture” Black people from voting “by having fewer machines, beat-up machines at places where…black folks live, suburbs where black people live, make it impossible or torture for you to vote in line and they’re going to make it impossible for you to vote by mail.”

She claimed that if a Black person does vote, their vote will be changed from Democrat to Republican so that “the South Africa strategy” of “minority rule” can be brought to America.

Reid said:

They’re going to lock off every way that you can vote. And then, even if you survive all of those restrictions and you finally get your vote in, then they’re going to say, ways out, “we’re just not going to count what you did because we don’t like who you voted for so we’re going to give it to the other guy.” This is the end of democracy in America. This is the beginning of the South — the South Africa strategy. This is minority rule.

This is saying we will rule over the objections of the majority of the American people. This is the most serious thing that we’ve seen happen since the January 6 siege. It’s another kind of siege. It is absolutely bizarre and it is — I will say it’s un-American. It’s probably, kind of, in a way. It’s old school American. It’s Jim Crow America.

Reid rounded out her horrific and racist comments by claiming Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp and the GOP “want people to be hungry and thirsty and be so abused physically that they get out of line.”


Reid has a long history of making these absurd remarks.

Last month, Reid targeted Black Trump supporters, accusing them of helping white people “feel good about white nationalism.”

Before that, Reid promoted a conspiracy theory on Twitter where she suggested that President Donald Trump purposely got COVID-19 so he could get out of the presidential debates.

“Here’s how wrecked Trump’s credibility is at this point: I’ve got a cellphone full of texts from people who aren’t sure whether to believe Trump actually has covid. ‘He lies so much,’ one friend just texted. ‘Is he just doing this to get out of the debates?’ others are texting,” Reid said on Twitter.

“He’s an evil genius, and I raise the possibility of him lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game,” she said. “He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this.”

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