Psychologists Defined 7 Types of Love, and Only Few People Experience the Last One

What is love? Philosophers and scientists have been struggling to answer this question for many years. In the 1980s, American psychologist Robert Sternberg developed a 3-component theory of love which includes emotional intimacy, passion, and commitment. According to him, it’s these 3 points that constitute the beautiful feeling that thousands of songs and books are written about. Later, thanks to his theory, Sternberg singled out 7 types of love and we’re going to tell you about them in this article.

Here at we believe that feelings change over time. If you haven’t made it to the seventh type of love yet, you and your partner may just need more time.

1. Infatuation

This is the period when people barely know each other, yet feel a mutual attraction. In such a relationship, two people often don’t have the faintest idea of whether or not they have anything in common, but they stay together anyway.

Psychologists Defined 7 Types of Love, and Only Few People Experience the Last One

According to the psychologist, this infatuation can transform into something more complete over time, but this doesn’t always happen. Many couples don’t get beyond this type of love.Frank D. Cox, Educational Psychology PhD, says that infatuation can be distinguished from romantic love only when looking back on a particular interest. Infatuation may also develop into a mature love. Goldstein and Brandon describe infatuation as the first stage of a relationship before developing into a mature intimacy.Phillips describes how the illusions of infatuations inevitably lead to disappointment when learning the truth about a lover It is an object of extravagant, short-lived passion or the temporary love of an adolescent