“POLITICAL MONEY LAUNDERING”; Greg Gutfeld Goes Nuclear On Wasteful Covid Spending Bill

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Now that Congress has moved past their failed impeachment of former President Donald J. Trump, they can now shift their focus to the stalled COVID relief bill which will be light on help for real Americans and heavy on liberal pork.

With the bill overflowing with giveaways and bailouts, Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld blasted the stimulus as the political equivalent of money laundering.

Gutfield unloaded on the Pelosi-Schumer effort on Monday’s edition of “The Five” where he compared the spending bill to the car wash used by meth kingpin Walter White of the AMC series “Breaking Bad” that he used to launder the profits from his drug business through.


Watch his epic new rant below:

According to Gutfeld:

“I’m going to point out something that is either so obvious it is idiotic or so obvious it is brilliant,”

“The stimulus is a device for the government to give itself more money, think about it, we are watching an entity writing a check to itself, sure, we are getting some money out of it, which was oh, by the way, our money to begin with, but this is now a political version of money laundering.”

“It’s like when Walter White in “Breaking Bad” purchased the A-1-A car wash as a money-laundering facility for his ill-gotten gains from his glorious crystal meth business, our government is laundering money to indulge their constituencies and their causes, they see the pandemic as their car wash. They are pushing billions through it through programs, through pork and bailouts, using people’s suffering as their cover,”

Gutfeld’s rant drew a response from fellow host Dana Perino who likened it to another cable series based on drug money:

“Even when I watched ‘Ozark,’ I never quite understood money laundering and why it worked, now I get it.”

The hosts also pointed out that there is no way that the bill would have had a chance when President Trump was in the White House and that it will be rubber-stamped by Biden once Pelosi and her minions put the finishing touches on it.

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