Person Tests What Happens When You Try A Gender Swap Filter Back And Forth 39 Times On Your Own Face

Chris Schoonover has just gone through quite the transformation. Well, 39 if we’re being honest. That’s how many times Schoonover used FaceApp’s gender swap feature on their photo.

As you can probably guess, the end image, compared to the first one, is barely — if at all — recognizable. But it’s the gradual, algorithm-guided process that’s really interesting. You can really see where the AI struggled to keep up with the demands to reorganize Chris’s features.

After Schoonover had a good laugh, they uploaded all of the pictures to Facebook, and they instantly went viral. As of this article, their post has over 7K reactions and 35K shares, with people applauding them for breaking the matrix. If the same software is in charge of cloning Agent Smith, we’re still safe. At least, for now.

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Here’s the original picture

“I’m a 23-year-old non-binary artist that comes from a rough background,” Chris told  . For those who know them, this “photoshoot” shouldn’t come as a surprise. “Strange and macabre humor has always been how I express myself the best.”

Chris started out making funny little memes and silly experimental posts for his Internet friends when they were around 17 years old and as you can see, they’re still killing it. “I love making people laugh.”

And here are all of the variations

“I stopped where I did in this series of images because there came a point when the face stopped being a face and I had already achieved some very laughable results,” they explained. “I added one more image as a joke due to popular request and while some may think it ruins the fun, I found it pretty funny myself.”

Chris’s main takeaway from all this fun is that they should make more posts when they’re high. “But seriously, it was really good to see a spark of humor go viral in these times. It would be really fun to see what other kinds of creativity is born from this.”

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