People Reveal the Weirdest Reasons to Get Married

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At the risk of sounding reductive, there is really only one reason to get married — you’ve found a person you love and you want to spend the rest of your life together. If your reason for getting married is any other reason — like, say, appeasing your family because they have certain expectations of you, or because you’re trying to secure your finances, or because you need a green card, like, this week — you might want to call off the ceremony.

But while there are obviously good and bad reasons to get married, there are also weird reasons — the kind of reasons that will make every last guest at your reception scratch their heads and go “huh?”

Twitter is here to list those weird reasons, all filed under the hashtag #WeirdReasonsToGetMarried. Truly, some people are getting hitched for reasons beyond our comprehension, so the best we can do is just sit back and laugh.

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