People Post Side-By-Side Pics Of Famous People And Their Dog Lookalikes (30 Pics)

The Facebook group Dogspotting Society is an absolute gem. A true dog lovers paradise. It has over 950,000 members posting all kinds of wholesome dog-related content; from pics of a policeman taking selfies with his service dog to snaps of a pooch who refuses to take his owners’ wedding seriously, it’s the stuff you pay your Internet bills for.

Just a few hours ago, Paige Anderson posted a photo there of her pup Davie next to her celebrity doppelgänger, Pua (a minor character in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film, Moana). However, Paige didn’t just show Davie. She also challenged other dog owners to share pictures of their own little buddies and their celebrity lookalikes. And they responded.

As of this article, the thread has received over 25K reactions and 2.6K comments, which is impressive even by Dogspotting Society’s standards.”I joined Dogspotting Society because I have 4 dogs of my own and there’s no better internet content,” Paige, the author of this lookalike challenge told “It’s my favorite group on Facebook.”Paige said Davie is goofy and sweet. “I realized she looked like Pua when everyone mistook her as a baby pig, and remembered Pua having a black eye too.”

In the movie, Pua typically acts like a puppy. Being the biggest Moana’s supporter, he cares a great deal for her happiness, as well as her personal ambitions; specifically her yearning to sail the seas. In all cases, he happily joins Moana’s side to assist her in any way he can.Anyway, as you can see, it’s not just people who have doppelgangers. Dogs very well can look like someone — or something — else too!

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