Only 5% of People Can Solve These 6 Tricky Riddles

We at   love to solve riddles — it’s a fun way to warm up and test our brain. Today we challenge you with 6 puzzles that will make you think outside the box.


Only 5% of People Can Solve These 6 Tricky Riddles

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2. Find F

when you are writing your equation, ALWAYS use lower case.
If you put your function in upper case, as you did in the function, you are saying that the function in the anti-derivative. That is something that is in Calculus in high Math.
If you want to keep the function as a normal function, keep them in lower case as in f(x)=4x instead of F(x)=4xgetting back to your function, when the question asks you to find f(-1), all it mentions is to put -1 in the function that was given.
Tap to see the answer.Just in case if you are actually talking about the Calculus ways, I will also solve that for you. Forget about this if this is not what you are asking for and I am going way too advanced for you.Again, Discard this answer and procedures if you are not taking Calculus. I just want to be extra careful about my answer.