NYC Waitress Didn’t Get COVID Vaccine Due To Fertility Fears, Gets Fired From Restaurant

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Not all Americans are comfortable with getting the COVID-19 vaccine, mostly because it is so new and was approved on an emergency basis.

That’s not a knock against former President Donald Trump, whose “Operation Warp Speed” managed to guide the rapid development of not one but two vaccines for a brand-new virus in less than a year — an unheard of accomplishment.

Still, millions of Americans are leery of those vaccines and because they are, should they suffer or be persecuted if they don’t want to get one?

Yes, according to some people.

Bonnie Jacobson, formerly of the popular Brooklyn eatery Red Hook Tavern, was fired last week after refusing to get a COVID vaccine because she is unsure at the present time if it will negatively affect her chances of getting pregnant, the New York Post reported.

“It was shocking to me,” Jacobson, 34, said Wednesday. “I went through the stages: I’m hurt, I’m in shock — then I got mad.”

Assuring the paper that she’s no ‘anti-vaxxer’ and supports people getting inoculated against the virus, she added that she just doesn’t yet know enough about the disease’s potential negative effect on pregnancies.

“The way I see it, getting the vaccine is for me. It protects me. If I am not getting it, it’s my choice, and I’d only be hurting myself,” she said.

While that certainly seems to make sense, the ‘get the vaccine at any cost’ side sees it differently. Even though they may get vaccinated, wear double masks, and stay 11.6 feet away from people, they somehow still believe they are at risk if everyone else doesn’t do exactly the same things.

What’s more, based on all of the ‘science,’ at 34 and healthy, Jacobson is hardly in the ‘at-risk’ category of getting violently ill from COVID or dying from it.

The Post adds:

The coronavirus vaccines available haven’t been tested on pregnant women, but also haven’t been shown to affect pregnancy and are viewed as generally safe.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that getting vaccinated is “a personal choice for people who are pregnant” and that expectant mothers can speak to their doctors about whether it’s right for them.

Restaurant staffers in New York joined the list of people eligible for the shot earlier this month.

After restaurant workers became eligible, Red Hook Tavern managers said it will be “mandatory” for all their workers to get their shots.

Jacobson, who got a job at the restaurant in August (amid perpetual NYC lockdowns), said she was “choosing not to get the vaccine because there just isn’t enough data or research at this point on its effects on fertility.”

She got the boot after working a 13-hour shift on Valentine’s Day. In an email, managers said they respected her decision but since the shots are mandated, “at this time your employment will be terminated.”

“We are sad to see you go,” the email said. “If you do change your mind, please do not hesitate to let us know.”

Blindsided by the firing, Jacobson said she put a lot of effort into helping the establishment get through pandemic restrictions including working out “in the freezing cold.”

“I’ve been trooping along with them,” she said. “I was expecting to be met by the same flexibility and compassion.”

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