Meghan Markle’s Path From a Little-Known Actress to the Trendiest Woman on the Planet

Global fashion search engine Lyst named the main trendsetters of 2019 and Meghan Markle turned out to be on the top of their list. Her outfits spark a lot of interest in women across the world. The Duchess of Sussex is even more popular than Kate Middleton, actress Zendaya, singer Billie Eilish, and model Kylie Jenner.

We at    were inspired by the outfits of the world’s main trendsetter and decided to find out why her style is so attractive.

Before Meghan Markle became the style icon, she was a little-known actress and used to choose simple, less-well-thought-out outfits. But her new status and a good stylist helped her discover her style and learn several important lessons.

1. Meghan is not scared of experimenting with proportions.

The vertical stripes make the silhouette of the Duchess taller. And the horizontal stripes highlight her body shape.Despite being pretty thin, the body of the Duchess of Sussex is not ideal. She has broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a slightly undefined waist. But when you look at her, it’s not like you can see it right away. Meghan and her stylist use the right clothes in order to accentuate her best features and hide her flaws.

Meghan Markle’s Path From a Little-Known Actress to the Trendiest Woman on the Planet

In all of her outfits, you can always see the waist — it might be highlighted with color, a pattern, or a belt. Very often, she uses medium-length dresses to highlight her thin and elegant ankles. And her broad shoulders are balanced with a wider lower half. But it seems that Meghan is not very worried about her broad shoulders. She often violates the royal dress code and wears dresses that leave her shoulders exposed.