Meet James Maina Mwangi, The Self-Proclaimed Most Stylish Man In Africa If Not The World Because Of These 32 Outfits

invites you to check out some of the best outfits that Mr. Mwangi sports when on the streets of Nairobi. And while you’re scrolling, why not vote and comment on the ones that you liked the most?

Back in 2018, James Maina Mwangi did a short interview with BBC where he explained that he owns over 160 suits with 300 plus caps and 200 pairs of shoes. All of this is besides the shirts, ties, and numerous other accessories like phone cases, pens, and watches that are also all color coordinated to make him look extremely stylish. He went as far as to claim that he’s the smartest looking man in Africa, if not the whole world.

The bright and vibrant colors make him stand out in the crowd. In fact, his outfits are so out there that he’d probably stand out regardless of whether it’s in Nairobi, London, New York or Beijing. Who wouldn’t notice a man wearing a green suit with green shoes, green shirt, green cap, green handkerchief, green pen, green phone cover, green face mask (since the pandemic started), and green underwear, though the last of these is not something people would notice in this case.