Mask Make-Up 101: How To Do Your Make-Up Before Putting On A Face Mask

Face Mask Make-Up

Wearing a mask is essential, it’s true, but face masks bring with them a whole bundle of beauty issues. Take maskne for example – acne caused by wearing a mask – what a joy, (find out how best to combat maskne right here), and then there’s the impact on our make-up. Masks smudge our make-up. Masks get discoloured because of our make-up. Masks sit so close to our faces that they stick to lipgloss and you can forget wearing a statement lipstick. So how should we do our make-up before we put on our face mask?

Our first tip – it’s all in the eyes. Since lockdown sales of mascara have increased by a whopping 46.4% (according to online beauty retailer and sales of false eyelashes are up by 61.9%, compared to a rather staggering drop in lip colour sales by 19.2%. Coincidence? We think not. According to Ceryn Lawless,’s Communications and Campaigns Editor the reason for this seems pretty obvious. ‘There’s little point wearing expensive lipsticks under a mask if they are just going to smudge and end up all over your face,’ says Ceryn, ‘Instead women are choosing to highlight their eyes to best effect.’

Best Make-Up For Wearing A Mask