Lifeguards Shared 15 Facts to Help You Stay Safe in the Water

We are used to thinking that taking care of our safety on beaches and swimming pools is the job of lifeguars. According to a report by the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Every year, 360,000 people die because of drowning. Children, males, and individuals with increased access to water have the highest risk of drowning. decided to draw your attention to what American lifeguards want to tell to the world. Their recommendations will be useful for you when you go to the beach or to the swimming pool.

1. Stop talking to lifeguards without a good reason, it is irritating and distracting.

If you think that you are perfectly safe if there is a rescue team on the beach or at the pool, you are very wrong. Yes, lifeguards are supposed to be alert but you should know that we are often distracted. Feel free to ask them for help, ask them which pool is for which age, and learn about the safest places for swimming. But don’t hope that they will spend 15 minutes on small talk, it’s actually really irritating and distracting.

It is extremely easy to lose sight of a child in a crowd. If this happens, call a lifeguard immediately. Also, it is very useful if you instruct your child before visitingthe pool or the beach and tell them that if they get lost, they should contact lifeguards instead of trying to find their parents themselves. However, lifeguards are not the people children should complain to about lost toys.