Lawyer Lin Wood Launches Bid to Lead South Carolina Republican Party

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Lin Wood, a lawyer who filed third-party lawsuits in support of former President Donald Trump’s election challenges, has announced his bid to lead the South Carolina Republican Party.

Wood confirmed to The Hill that he is running to lead the S.C. GOP Party and wrote on his Telegram channel that he had been approached by supporters in the state who “want to take back their Republican Party.”

Wood said this week that “a compelling reason for my decision to run for Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party is that it is time for the leadership of the Party to recognize and appreciate the amazing Patriots stepping up to get involved in the party — this is NOT the time to take actions to exclude them.”

Wood also said he had the full support and endorsement of Gen. Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to Donald Trump.

Wood wrote:

I am extremely honored to announce that a genuine American Patriot and hero, Lt. General Michael Flynn, has authorized me to publicly convey that he endorses and supports my campaign for Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party.

General Flynn is my friend. We have worked together at times over the past many months as our country has been in turmoil over the November 2020 election and our political future.

General Flynn knows that my goal in South Carolina is to only serve the members of the Republican Party, not the establishment leaders or the special interests.

I am emboldened in my efforts to return the South Carolina Republican Party to We The People of South Carolina by having a man of General Flynn’s character and integrity standing by my side in the battle for the People’s right to govern themselves.

Thank you, General Flynn. God bless you, Sir. And God bless America.

Wood is seeking to oust current South Carolina GOP chairman Drew McKissick, who has been at the organization’s helm since 2017.

According to the Post and Courier, McKissick’s re-election campaign was endorsed by Donald Trump via a handwritten note in February, which said, “You have my complete and total endorsement. Great job!”

In reaction to Wood’s campaign announcement, McKissick told the newspaper, “Any South Carolina Republican has the right to run for State Chairman and I welcome the challenge.”

McKissick, who has run the state party since 2017, added, “In the past four years, we’ve brought record numbers of new conservative patriots into our party who want to make a difference, and the result has been the greatest growth and electoral success in the history of the SC GOP.”

Things could get very sticky down in South Carolina, but luckily the state remains very conservative.

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