Laura Ingraham Tells GOP Sen. Cassidy ‘You Guys Got Played’ On Infrastructure Bill

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham confronted Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy on Monday night over the Democrats infrastructure bill.

Cassidy was one of a handful of Republicans who joined bipartisan negotiations with the White House on the infrastructure bill.

During an interview on her Fox News program, Ingraham agreed there is a need for physical infrastructure funding, she noted many Republicans are worried about spending more money and inflation.

But things went off the rails when Ingraham laughed and told Cassidy “you guys got played,” arguing that Democrats pulled a fast one over them on the bill.

“The White House is, as I said, quite giddy about this. Reuters describes this as a glide path to the $3.5 trillion tonight and they write this up senator, your response,” Ingraham asked Cassidy.

Cassidy tried claiming that “Fox News viewers” support the bill.

“I talked to Fox News watchers. They love this bill…. Actually for the wealthy this means less [for them] because they have chauffeurs, they have private jets, they can fly here-and-there if it floods, but it’s the people who live in their homes at risk of flooding: as regard to $3.5 trillion – Pelosi wants to link the two, she doesn’t think she has the votes for that $3.5 trillion,” he continued.

Ingraham immediately jumped in and pushed back on Cassidy’s claim that “Fox News viewers” support the bill.

“Senator are you on this show tonight saying Nancy Pelosi hasn’t gamed out her votes?” she asked.

“Republicans who are trying to sink this bill are trying to help Nancy Pelosi,” Cassidy claimed.


Ingraham asked why Republicans didn’t do what Pelosi did, where she said Democrats “show their hand first – and see the full text … of the reconciliation bill,” which overhauls the government’s handling of climate change and other leftist projects.

Ingraham asked: “Amnesty, tax increases, all the nightmares that we delineated tonight – let them show their hand – but that got flipped, didn’t it, and you guys got played on this and you had to vote first or agree first. They still haven’t shown the text of their [reconciliation] legislation, have they sir?”

Cassidy replied that Ingraham is agreeing with Sanders and the far-left “Squad”.

“It is amazing, you agree with Pelosi,” he added.

Ingraham slammed the assertion and noted recent studies showing that the Democrats’ infrastructure bill would likely greatly damage the economy.

“You made it easy for them: Make them show their text first. You realize that America will be changed forever?” she replied.

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