Kamala Harris Gets Debunked After Claiming Trump Left Them With “No Vaccine Plan”

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For most of his first term, then-President Barack Obama blamed a weak, underperforming economy on his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Granted, the subprime lending and banking crisis erupted late in Bush’s second term, but years after Obama was in office and his economic policies were implemented, he still blamed his predecessor for higher-than-average unemployment and a chronically underperforming economy that produced dismal annual GDPs in the 1-1.5 percent range.

Now, Joe Biden’s administration has taken a page from Obama’s ‘Blame Someone Else When Stuff Goes Wrong Handbook of Public Policy.’

The New York Post reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris ​is claiming in a new interview that the Biden administration is “starting from scratch” to develop a ​national ​vaccine distribution plan because former President Donald Trump​ left them with nothing​, ​contradicting comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who disputed that contention last month.

“There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations, we were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out,” Harris told ​”Axios on HBO” Sunday evening.

“In many ways, we are starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year,” she added.

(Courtesy: HBO)

That’s complete balderdash. For one, it contradicts the country’s lead immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

​”W​e certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci said, Jan. 21, a day after the new administration was inaugurated.

For another, Harris’ false claim is also being refuted by former Trump administration officials who had a hand in putting a vaccine plan together and rolling it out.

“Completely dishonest. I was there.. We left them with much more than a plan,” Brian Harrison, who served as chief of staff for Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services, said on Twitter.

Completely dishonest. I was there.. We left them with much more than a plan.

Madam Vice President & Team Biden – to borrow the words of a great American President, “There you go again” spreading #misinformation about the Trump Administration’s vaccine plan – going so far as to deny its existence. #plandenier,” Harrison wrote in another tweet.

You say there’s ‘no plan.’ When you took office, the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed was so successful over 15 MILLION Americans had already been vaccinated! Do you expect people to believe this happened with ‘no plan?’ #plandenier,” he added.

“More than just a plan: We delivered two extraordinarily safe and effective vaccines – with more in the pipeline – and a pace of vaccinations surpassing even the aspirations of your own team at the time!” Harrison continued.


“Further: We stood up incredible delivery logistics, delivered multiple authorized COVID-19 treatments, created a testing capability that is the envy of the world, and a nimbleness to mobilize and adapt not experienced since World War II,” Harris went on.

I realize you, the Democrats, and the media will never give President Trump the credit he’s due for Operation Warp Speed. But by spreading #misinformation you’re also demeaning the thousands of career civil servants and men and women in uniform who made this possible!”

National Review correspondent Jim Geraghty weighed in as well.

“Vice President Harris is the worst member of the Obama administration because she’s the most habitually and shamelessly dishonest, even when she doesn’t need to be,” he wrote.

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