Joy At Mar-A-Lago as Donald Trump Looks to Make His “Comeback”

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Now that he’s put the second impeachment sham behind him, President Trump is feeling festive.

The last thing he wanted to do was ruffle the very delicate feathers of those poor GOP traitors. We all thought that he was lying low while the dark and dopey cloud of impeachment was hanging over him.

Most of the senators were possibly looking for an excuse to vote to prosecute him, although they could not do so without a legitimate reason, since President Trump is so famous and they are not.

So, President Trump will plan his comeback now that the impeachment is gone.

He’s also barred from social media, of course, because he’s afraid of the left and the GOP establishment, but President Trump won’t let that stop him.

Donald Trump, surrounded by friends and family, won the Mar-a-Lago race. With embraces and smiles, his attorneys celebrated. “We’re going to Disney World,” one joked. ”

Now acquitted, Trump is planning for the next step of his post-presidency life in his second Senate impeachment trial.

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He is expected to reemerge from a self-imposed hibernation at his club in Palm Beach, Florida, and is eyeing ways to reassert his control, feeling emboldened by the trial’s outcome.

But the former president lacks the social media bullhorn that fuelled his political rise, after being banned from Twitter.


And he’s facing a profoundly fractured Republican Party over the legacy of his jarring final days in office, culminating in the Jan. 6 Capitol storm. During his impeachment trial, which ended Saturday, searing video photos of the day played on a loop.

Among the GOP base, Trump remains famous, but many Republicans in Washington have cooled to him. Never before have so many members of a president’s party, in his case seven GOP senators, voted in a Senate trial for his impeachment.

Undeterred, friends and allies expect Trump to, after weeks of silence, resume welcoming media interviews. He met with political aides to address plans to support Republicans in the 2022 mid-term elections to try to gain control of the House and Senate.

He remains focused on exacting vengeance on Republicans who sponsored his impeachment or opposed his attempts to reverse the outcome of Democrat Joe Biden’s November election.

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