Jim Cramer Proudly Accepts ‘Communist’ Label After Demanding Vaccine Cards At His Restaurant

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CNBC personality Jim Cramer is not just a stock market aficionado, but he is also a bar-owner in the New York area.

His business was hammered last year during the height of the lockdowns, and now he is desperate to get back to full capacity. His “light at the end of the tunnel” is the COVID vaccines, which he has touted religiously ever since they were made available to the public.

In his desperate attempt to get back to ‘normal’, Cramer is now all-in on requiring proof of vaccination before you can step foot in his restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, Cramer received immense backlash to this decision. In response, Cramer got defensive and got sassy on Twitter. It also appears that he LIKES being called a communist! (Yes, really)

“So now i am a card carrying communist because i want to see your VAX letter before you go to my restaurant. Well then i am a Communist,” Cramer proudly admitted.

Check out his tweet below:

What Cramer strategically leaves out of his argument is that countless experts have already admitted that the COVID vaccines have *not* been proven to stop the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus.

In other words, you can still GET and SPREAD the virus even if you’re vaccinated. It only helps to eradicate the virus once it’s inside of your body. However, because this files right in the face of Cramer’s argument, he prefers to stay quiet about that side of the argument.

In fact, it’s entirely likely that allowing *only* vaccinated people into your restaurant will make turn it into a madhouse for asymptomatic spreaders.

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