I’ve Spent 5 Years Trying to Repair My Damaged Hair, and Now I’ll Share What Really Helped Me

“Once I had beautiful, healthy hair, but now it doesn’t grow, falls out, and looks damaged…” Does this situation ring a bell with you? I’ve already faced this problem as a teenager. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to repair it, using many methods. But finally, I’ve found a solution.

smartzune.com ’s author wants to share her hair repair story and hopes that it’ll help those who want their hair to become healthy again.

This process isn’t about miracles. It’s about constant work and everyday care.

Unfortunately, I have to burst your bubble if you’re hoping to find a universal formula that will repair your hair within 1 week. No one keeps this precious information secret. It simply doesn’t exist.

I spent 5 years trying to get the long and healthy hair that we usually see in ads. I started with having no clue about the nature of hair and having too many myths in my head. I had to experiment a lot to find useful and useless methods. You can see the result in the picture on the right.

Of course, lots of things depend on the structure and thickness of your hair.

I’ve Spent 5 Years Trying to Repair My Damaged Hair, and Now I’ll Share What Really Helped Me

In other words, everything depends on your genes. But I’m sure that if you have a good approach, you’ll see the results in 3-4 months regardless of your hair type.

Hair care and hair growth don’t depend on each other. But proper care can make already-grown hair beautiful and strong. It can also prevent you from having premature hair loss. There’s no difference between an extremely expensive mask and a mask made with special ingredients from someone’s great-grandmother. Almost all hair care products have only 2 functions: to clean and protect already existing hair.