“It’s Not My Fault” and 7 Other Things That Toxic People Do

Chronic negativity can literally kill you and this has been proven scientifically. Drama queens can destroy your life. We guess that each of us has probably had a toxic colleague or a friend who always sucks our energy. We usually start feeling exhausted around these people. But there are more things that toxic people do that will help us recognize them.

We at  smartzune.com  wish everyone a healthy and happy environment at work and at home and found 7 habits of toxic people that we should be on the lookout for.

1. Manipulation and control

Toxic manipulative people are actually not interested in you or your feelings. They just use this “weapon” to control you so you can become a part of their plans.

There can be several ways of doing this and you might not even recognize the manipulation:

“It’s Not My Fault” and 7 Other Things That Toxic People Do

  1. Twisting what you said
  2. Making you feel like you are crazy
  3. Playing the victim
  4. Behaving aggressively and forcing you to defend yourself
  5. Threatening you