Is Studying In The UK Worth It?


The UK is a great place to study and work. The country has a rich history, diverse culture, and excellent education system. If you are looking for a place to study where you can get the best return on your investment, then the United Kingdom is an ideal choice.

If You Want To Study In The UK, There Are Usually Three Routes.

There are many different types of education providers in the UK. As you may have guessed, the difference between all of them is how long the course lasts for.

  • University: This is a four-year degree program that will give you a bachelor’s degree upon completion and allow you to go on to further study if desired.
  • College: This is also a four-year degree program, except in this case it leads to an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree. A college can also be called a polytechnic school or technical college depending on its specialty and focus on certain subjects such as business or science.
  • School: The most common type of school in Britain are secondary schools which teach students up until they’re 16 years old (or 18 if they’re taking A-levels). After that, you could go onto Sixth Form where they teach GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) before moving on again towards college or university level courses afterwards

Average Graduate Salaries In The UK.

You might be wondering why it’s better to go on a study abroad program in the UK than in the US, Canada or Australia. After all, those countries are known for their high salaries and quality of life compared to European countries like France or Germany.

In fact, graduates from US universities earn an average $47,000 (€43K) per year after graduating—and this number is even higher if they live in California or New York State. In comparison with other Western nations, these numbers are quite low when looking at other developed countries like Canada ($43K), Australia ($55K) and especially Europe’s best paid country: Switzerland ($69K).

Jobs In High Demand By 2022.

There are many jobs in the UK that are in high demand. These include:

  • The healthcare sector, which expects to add 400,000 new jobs by 2022, with the highest pay being £29 per hour.
  • The education sector, which expects to add 300,000 new jobs by 2022 and pays an average of £25 per hour.
  • The financial services sector in London (including Canary Wharf), which is experiencing a boom thanks to its close proximity to Brexit negotiations and ability for businesses to stay there if they’re currently located outside of the EU (pay varies depending on position).

The construction industry was hit hard after 2008 due to austerity measures put in place during this time period; however it’s now making a comeback with major projects planned for 2020 including Crossrail 2 rail link between West Midlands and North East London as well as HS2 high-speed rail link from Birmingham up through Manchester and Leeds before terminating at London Euston station where passengers will then transfer onto existing tube lines such as Central/Victoria or Circle line trains back into central London area such as Bond Street station near Oxford Street shopping district where shops like Harvey Nichols sell designer brands like Louis Vuitton handbags (which can cost upwards of $2000) so expect housing prices grow exponentially once these projects begin construction later this year!

The Fashion Industry Is Booming.

The fashion industry is booming. According to the British Fashion Council, the UK’s fashion market has increased by 8% over the last decade. With an established reputation for being a leading hub for designers and labels, it’s no surprise that so many people want to work in it. This is especially true when you consider that London Fashion Week attracts a total of 140 million viewers per year (approximately 10 times more than New York Fashion Week).

There are many different ways to get your foot in the door of this growing industry and earn your place as an influencer or entrepreneur. In fact, some of these opportunities come from studying abroad at one of our top-ranked universities!

Studying abroad could help prepare you with skills like creativity and innovation—which are key components for success in any creative field—as well as build up your CV with international experience and credentials from prestigious institutions like Oxford University!

IT-Related Graduate Jobs Are On The Rise.

You’ve probably heard the news that STEM jobs are on the rise, but what does this mean for you? Well, it means there are a lot of opportunities out there for people who have studied computer science or related fields.

In fact, according to a recent report from The Telegraph, IT-related jobs are in high demand across the world: “IT-related graduate jobs are on the rise with more than 3,500 vacancies currently advertised by some of Britain’s most prestigious companies. Last year saw a 20 per cent increase in available roles compared with 2013 and so far this year there has been an average two per cent increase each month.”

Healthcare Professionals Are In High Demand.

People who are interested in medicine, nursing and paramedics are in high demand. The NHS is short of doctors and nurses, but also GPs, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals. Nurses in particular are hard to recruit for the following reasons:

  • There’s a shortage of training places for new graduates
  • Nurses who want to specialise need to be trained again
  • The pay isn’t great (especially compared to other countries)

There Is a Shortage Of  Teachers-To-Be.

If you’re passionate about education, Britain offers a great opportunity to make a difference. Teaching is a highly respected profession and there are many teaching jobs available. With its rich history of education, the UK has an excellent reputation for its schools and universities. Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can enter into and it also gives you the chance to travel while working abroad!

High Graduate Salaries And New Emerging Industries Make The UK a Great Place To Study And Work At.

The UK is a great place to study and work. In fact, it’s one of the best places in the world for studying and working. The UK has high graduate salaries, which means that when you finish your degree or master’s program, you’ll be able to earn enough money to live comfortably (and more). As well as this, there are plenty of new emerging industries growing in popularity across the country including tech startups and creative roles within advertising agencies.


The UK is a great place to study and work. If you want to go there, make sure you choose the right school, city and program. And if you are thinking about studying abroad in general, check out our article on how much money can be saved by studying abroad!

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